Saturday, February 25, 2012

spring / 春天


This week the temperature in London has risen to more than 15 Celsius degrees. I was pleased to put away my dirty overcoat. Now I lead a very regular life. I am at school from 9:30 am to late afternoon four days out of five. This is my way of looking for a sense of belonging.


I do not spend all my time and energy on my assignment, but however much I want to deny, I still count as a very serious-minded student. Making screen-prints is very time-consuming, but I enjoy the moments in the printmaking room. I love to feel the sunshine outdoors and listen to birds chirping. It is so peaceful.

默劇演員奇頓 / silent film actor--Buster Keaton 

默劇演員洛依德 / silent film actor Harold Lloyd 


These are not my final images because Lou picked some problems in them. Today I went into the printmaking room to practice the techniques and mixing colors. Drawing is not just about how I feel. In the end I have to learn to analyze rationally. It's such a long process if I want to produce a really good image... 


In the evening I went for a walk on my own. I found some flowers in bloom. I kept encountering some school children who didn't feel like going home like me. When they saw me, they couldn't help screaming, "Ni Hao!" This is the early spring in London...

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Bean said...

These days the temperature is up to 25 degrees here in Texas... I'm so happy! I hope the weather doesn't go back to cold anymore.

Happy Spring! :D