Saturday, February 18, 2012

for my mental health / 心理健康


I've been looking for a focus apart from the courses. I happen to have opportunities to spend time in the printmaking rooms. I usually stay a whole day there. Just as Kim Sam Soon finds her place in the kitchen, printmaking rooms give me a sense of belonging.


I do not go in for the assignments. Whenever my classmates ask me, I will answer, it's for my mental health. I find it stifling to spend a whole day in my little room. This is screen-printed Chaplin with the skyline of New York City in his bowler hat. 


Today the technicians Tony and Brian gave me a hand so that I could come up with something precise. In the printmaking room, I pick up new techniques naturally. Well, the lesson is to be continued next week! 

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唉~ 我的短暫記憶力