Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just right / 剛剛好


It snowed again last night. When I lived on the first floor, I was surrounded by white boys. Now on the third floor, my neighbors are Chinese girls. Whenever it snows, the girls will gather outside talking and laughing til midnight in excitement. I don't quite mind because if I keep complaining, I will end up being the nuisance of the block. When I told PK about my new life, he replied, "They are only twenty-years old! You are too serious. You don't want to play at all!" Maybe that's my problem.


Here I often see weird objects on the road, which means, they aren't supposed to be there. On my way to school this morning, I saw an abandoned baby's shoe. The amount of snow last night was just right. Everything was coated with a thin layer of snow, which made everything look beautiful visually. However, it didn't inconvenience the pedestrians. 


The rose with a coat of ice on it. 


Pigeons and grass weren't afraid of cold... 


The printmaking room on Friday was deserted. There should have been 8 students, but only Wen Dee and I turned up. That was pretty nice too. We spent a very quiet and relaxing day in there. 


The etching printmaking room at 4:30 pm...


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