Sunday, July 20, 2014

Smangus 5 / 司馬庫斯 5


   After having walked for five kilometers, we reach the legendary forest containing nine giant Taiwan red cypresses. Every tree has their own dramatic facial expressions. 


   I was drawing a picture book of a tree back in May. I often had self-doubts when I was designing the form of the tree. I wondered if I went too far in personifying it. However, my doubts are with the wind when I meet the trees here. My conclusion is: We can find whatever we imagine in nature. God is the greatest designer ever. 


   This resembles a human crawling on the ground and the resemblance is rather terrifying! 


   We can often see wooden ships in forests. 


   I raise my head to see the extending magnificent tree trunks, and when I lower my head, the entangled roots on and under the ground also awe me. 


   The bonzai of nature. 


   Pause for thought. 

        六號巨木是最大且最老的一棵樹,叫Yaya Qparung,意即媽媽巨木,有2500年歷史,他長得很有姿態。

   The No. 6 giant tree, named Yaya Qparung meaning mother giant tree, is the tallest and the oldest. It has lived for 2,500 years. Look how it raises up both hands. 


   Another five kilometers on our way back, but there are bamboo benches which offer us a five-minute break. 


   I discover this when we arrive at the town center of Smangus. Don't tell me that a sea creature desires to see the mountainscape as well? 

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