Sunday, July 13, 2014

Smangus 1 / 司馬庫斯 1


Smangus is located in Yu-fong Village in Hsin-chu County, administered by the Tayal Tribe. It is a small village tucked away in the mountains. To go there, we experience a super bumpy car ride on the winding mountain roads. The name Smangus derives from the name of an ancestor Mangus. Smangus is the respectful form. 


   The Atayal (Tayal) Tribe is a mountain tribe. Atayal means "genuine person" or "brave man." It is one of the biggest tribes in Taiwan now, mainly found on two sides of the Central Mountain Ranges. Now based on the population census, there are 178 inhabitants. Since 2004, about 80% of the tribespeople have worked together in the tourism section and agriculture. In the center of the village are buildings, especially wooden ones, dedicated to tourism. As for the locals, every family has their own house. If a family is particularly good at hunting or weaving, there will be totems on the wood-carved door plate. 


   Wood carvings are seen everywhere in the village. Without the interference of the government or private businesses from the outside world, there is an extremely simple yet charming feel to the place. 


   I love the unadorned paintings on the outside of the wooden houses. 


   Our guide, Modo, has the sunlight in his eyes, which I find a very beautiful image. 


   This is the storage house for millet. The wooden pillars and smooth plastic boards are to prevent bugs from eating the crops. 


   Different species of millet have different colors. 


   The millet seeds falling between the wooden pillars have burgeoned. Here, we witness the power of life in every corner. 


   There is a very small school here, the branch of Xin-guang Elementary School. The total number of students is 15. Modo says in his childhood, in order to go to school on the opposing side of the mountain, he had to walk 4-5 hours on each trip. Now three teachers are dispatched from Xin-guang Elementary School to teach in Smangus. 


   The tribespeople built the school on their own. 


   The decorations of the classrooms are so adorable. I wonder if the kids here like going to school because of this reason. 


   The "men/women" stone plates in front of the classrooms. So creative! 


   The forgotten bike outside the basketball court is enjoying its summer vacation too! 

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