Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Smangus 2 / 司馬庫斯 2


From the Smangus village, tourists have to walk at least one hour to reach any scenic spot in the woods.  But in the village center, there are numerous interesting-looking plants. Nature contains too much knowledge for me to learn. Though I can't master it all, I find it very helpful to study their shapes and colors. 


   "I am watching you!" The tree says with his eye. 


   A red star in the woods.


   Our guide Modo says this is a large-flower evening primrose. It doesn't bloom until the evening. I find a green bug feasting inside the petals when it is in bloom. The flower withers the next morning. 


   Well, these are just the appetizers. We are only about to start our adventure in the forest. 


   A lovely guest is awaiting us on the door at dawn! 

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