Sunday, March 30, 2014

Miss Moon 2 / 思思與月亮 2


I put off sending to print the book version with my name on it for three months. Though they are only five small words, they make a whole world's difference. When I pick the books, I inquire about some printing problems with the printing shop technician. He says many problems of digital printing can be avoided in traditional printing. I said, "OK, give me some time. I'll get the opportunity to have my work printed in huge numbers."


   I find myself in my bookshelf, imagining my book saying to other world-class books: Nice to meet you! 


   I don't know if I'll get a chance to tell the world about the book. It's a story about the eight-year-old Von, who can't fall asleep. He tosses and turns at night because of all sorts of worries. He even worries if he'll get married and have his own children in the future. Though I am still single with no children, I have the firm faith that he will. When my friends read the book, they find the picture their favorite. I bet it's because they can feel my longings and best wishes too! 

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