Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stone Soup study club 5 / 石頭湯讀書會之五


Today our guest speaker is Mr. Hai Huang, who is a productive sci-fi writer. Not very interested in science, I didn't particularly go for sci-fi fiction. However, after the lecture, it dawns on me again that all roads lead to Rome. In whichever genre of writing, the underlying principles are the same. In fact, it requires even more imagination to write sci-fi fiction. My jaw is about to drop several times during the talk because the examples given by Mr. Huang are way too fascinating. 


   In sci-fi fiction, scientific logical reasoning is especially emphasized. As a matter of fact, many sci-fi novels later become the reality. Yet, if the idea is not backed up by science, then the work should be categorized as a fantasy story. Time machines are a main theme as well as traveling both inside the human world and to the universe. Also, since a long time ago, writers have had diverse ideas about creatures from outer space. Moreover,  men and animals are interchangeable in form, or human beings can cross the  boundary between life and death. Our soul doesn't necessarily have to dwell in our physical bodies. It can take its own adventures as well.  


   Some themes are constantly borrowed and re-developed throughout history. Every author comes up with their own perspective to create their version of story. Mr. Huang says: What the copyright protects is the author's way of expression instead of their viewpoint. This is also one major lesson I learned when I studied in Camberwell. It's part of the idea-developing process to collect information and references. 


   Mr. Huang has a very relaxing style of speech, so I can't help but start to sketch. Some people come to the gatherings every week like me. I find some young mothers very impressive for they always bring along their children faithfully. The others choose their favorite lessons and come whenever they'd like to. It's kind of hard to imagine that we've attended five weeks of classes. 

   This year is a great year, and coming to the Stone Soup study club is one of the best things. I have thus learned how to set free my imagination. There are amazing book collections, so every Saturday I'll read some picture books to remind myself of my goal again and again. 


   Mr. Huang devotes his whole life to writing, and he's still full of passion for sci-fi fiction. I'd love to live in the same way too! 

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