Sunday, March 23, 2014

Banana cake & Bananaman / 香蕉蛋糕和香蕉俠


I was stunned yesterday when I found that Bananaman has already existed! He is a British hero created in 1980, the double of the schoolboy Eric Wimp. And the movie will come out in 2015. I can't resist his hilarious look. However, not to infringe on the copyright, I'll have to change the name of my banana hero. 


   Lately I've bought stuff I wouldn't in the name of looking for inspirations. For example, I accidentally walked into a store selling Japanese snacks yesterday. Upon seeing the banana cake, I immediately checked it out. Maybe I can use the idea in my story. 


   Bananaman restores energy by eating bananas, but I guess he probably won't say no to the aromatic and yummy banana cakes! 


   Last but not least, I'd like to study how bananas work as a weapon. Now whenever I do not feel upbeat, the banana-drawing therapy works miracles. The fruit is really my life savior! 


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