Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stone Soup study club 4 / 石頭湯讀書會之四


Today Bologna Book Fair 2014 has started. Though I can only think of it here, the thought motivates me to work harder. 


   In the fourth lesson of Stone Soup study club today, Ms. Shu-ing Tsai teaches everyone how to know our own voice. She says that our body is our organ and that we should learn to use every part well. In fact, only when we make good sounds can we tell good stories. Before infants learn to talk, they are accumulating the input adults give. Thus, grown-ups should feed them with well-written stories. 


   While I am listening to the talk, I realize that I tend to ignore my own voice and hearing. Even though I am required to talk a lot at work, I never take good care of my throat. Nor do I listen to myself. That's why I hardly employ the auditory description when writing. 


   Ms. Tsai also demonstrates how to make sounds of different animals. Because she grew up in the country, she had very keen observation. She can even show the sound differences between the old and the young of the same animal. We try our best to make sounds with our stomachs, but I am too self-aware. I still need a lot of practice in this aspect. 


   From now on, my stories will no longer be visual. I will make use of the five senses to enrich the text and pictures. 

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