Sunday, March 09, 2014

I see you / 我看得見你


Spring is in the air. Flowers blossom one after another, and the tender green leaves on the trees transform the cityscape. Lately when I pass by a sweet gum tree, I can't help lingering under it to observe the color and veins of new leaves. 


   Earlier this year I had visited the oldest tree in Taipei, a sweet gum tree, but recently I've learned that the gentleman that took us there fell ill. He told us then that the old tree had once become sick. It was with the tree doctor's help that the tree survived. I bet in spring, the sweet gum tree must look rejuvenated again thanks to the canopy of young leaves. To cheer up our tour guide, I sent him a painting, hoping that he will get well soon. 


   There are similar life patterns in humans and plants. I've been reading a book titled What a Plant Knows. The author thinks that plants can feel what is going on in the world. If so, I believe the sweet gum tree will secretly look after our guide. Well, as for me, I shouldn't pick flowers randomly from now on. 

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