Wednesday, March 05, 2014

DREAMER! / 夢想家!


When I went to the bakery la whale in my neighborhood this week, a note on the cash register accidentally caught my attention. It said the bakers are going to participate in the Bakery Masters contest. I was so curious that I couldn't help asking the clerk for more information. So it turned out that the bakers have been chosen as the eight candidates from all over the world. Besides, they are already in Paris at this point to prepare for the competition. The short visit to a bakery I had always gone to became my inspiration. 


   I've encountered so many dreamers recently. To pronounce the word with force, I like to imitate how the supporting male role in the Thai version of Full House calls the heroine. By placing the stress on the second syllable of the word "drea-mer," he makes the word sound so much more powerful. 


   I am a dreamer too. Since I know I shine only when drawing, I have begun to brainstorm for a new story. I have a feeling that it'll be another really wonderful journey! 


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