Monday, March 10, 2014

Views / 風景


On my MRT ride, I run into a little girl. She keeps telling her mom about the views outside the windows. When the cars run through the tunnel, she can't hide her disappointment because there is nothing to see in the dark. And when we emerge from the dark, she yells in excitement: There are more views! I have heard the word "view" for at least five times before getting off. God knows how hard I have to refrain from letting her mom know what a lovely daughter she has.


   One day when the little girl grows up, she will probably learn that life is full of views, even in the black tunnels. The views that are least noticeable are the silent change around us.


   Von has been planting green beans lately. I am sure he must have seen different views of the plant. And I see the view of how he concentrates on the view.

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