Saturday, October 06, 2012

Paddington Bears / 派丁頓家族


Often the memories of the UK jostle me at certain moments. One day I started to call Kai "Paddington Bear." I even showed him the images online to give him a better idea. After that, whenever I come home and call "Paddington Bear!" I will hear a three-year-old shuffle to open the door for me. Then Von asked, "What about me?" I tend to careless with him simply because I think he is elder and mature. I blurted out, "You...You are Teddy Bear." So when Kai can't manage to push open the door, he shouts, "Teddy Bear! Come help me!" 


Little Paddington Bear is a brown nose. Every day he intoxicates us with sweet talk. One night he said to me, "I am your Little Paddington Bear, and you are my Big Paddington Bear." No one can resist his sincere-sounding compliments such as "So beautiful!" "So good!" This weekend he is taking a two-day trip, and before going to bed, he infused so much feeling into the sentence "I'll miss you!" after saying night night to me. 


Apart from these, Little Paddington Bear sometimes comes up with very philosophical words. One day I heard him saying to his dad, "Taking a step back is actually a move forward and vice versa." Then I  found myself saying the same words to fifteen-year-old girls.


By contrast, Von seems to be farther away from us now. He's always been a mature child, and even so now. He reserves his opinions on some of my acts. For example, I always listen to podcast in other languages than mandarin, and since I really miss French, I've listened to a French culture radio program for a week. Kai will repeat what he doesn't understand after me, but Von says, "How come you always listen to such stuff?" He looks to me the splitting image of his dad at that moment. He then goes on, "Are you going to France afterwards? But I don't want you to go away anymore because I will miss you a lot." No wonder whenever I get carried away by Kai's praise, Mom always inserts her comment, "Well, Von is a down-to-earth good guy." I find it weird to describe a six-year-old in this way though. 


In the end we figured out a way--turning Von into Middle Paddington Bear, so we could form the Paddington family. The biggest wish of Big Paddington Bear is that the small bears do not grow up so fast...


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