Monday, October 08, 2012

Autumn night / 秋夜


On autumn night, the six-year-old boy is working on math while the three-year-old is studying English.

白天出這些作業的我,一個人吹著涼涼的微風,畫著圖,Keith Jarret的科隆音樂會清亮的史坦威琴聲陪著我,幸福。

I, one of the day-time assignment givers, want to get away from it all and simply enjoy the cool breeze. I draw, surrounded by the bright piano notes of Keith Jarret from his Koln concert. I am tasting the ultimate bliss of solitude.


constance said...

Hi there! I didn't know that you're back from London until yesterday! You've clearly brought back a lot of inspirations as can be seen from your posts that i've missed.

Carol Liu said...


Weichuen You said...

Constance: Yes, the stay in London was amazing, but my real life is here...

Carol: How've you been? I miss you!