Saturday, October 06, 2012

Sketching in Taipei / 台北小旅行


Yesterday I took out my best sketchbook done mostly in Budapest from the shelf because I would like to lend it to a little boy Liang, who is equally passionate about drawing. When I thumbed through it on the bus,   I couldn't help wowing at myself for having gone all out to draw then. I reminded myself at that instant that I should draw sketches as often as possible now. 


My theme this week is "learning to get along with myself." Since coming back from London, I have hardly gone out alone. It was nice that I had no appointment at all today, so I brought the book Traveling in Taipei with me and went to Dihua Street for drawing sketches. It's a street with hundreds of shops selling similar products such as preserved fruits and tea leaves. If I just stroll by, it won't take long. However, today I was in the mood for wanting to draw everything. I moved at an extremely slow pace, but I got to see many interesting sights. 


Besides the above-mentioned stores, I found a new ceramic shop selling the works of the famous industrial designer Sori Yanagi and Taiwanese artists. I stopped for a long while to draw the facade of an European-looking building. There is a Spanish tapas restaurant decorated with very Chinese-looking lanterns with dragons on them. Even the old ma'am whose job is recycling amazed me. The patterns on her bag is reminiscent of traditional Chinese paper-cutting at first sight, but upon a closer look, they are actually English letters. This street is so post-modern in that it appropriates all forms of artistic styles. 


I also discovered how I am trained to be patient. I had no chair to sit on. Moreover, I was quite starving. Still, I drew two hours without stop, though there were tons of images I didn't have time for.


Dihua Street today so made me recall my trip in Kyoto...

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