Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wanda's art class 3 / 汪達的美術課 3


Upon hearing pattering footsteps in the morning, I know it's the kids coming over to say good morning. They will make sure that we have art class immediately after breakfast. This is Kai's new hairstyle. He's still making efforts to get used to it. I say, "Your head is as beautiful as a golden full moon. Since I was born on a full-moon night, I especially love your round head." He says this photo is only between me and him, but I still can't help posting it. 


Though I studied illustration in London, I am inspired when it comes to art education. When the boys take their seats, I make a serious announcement, "Today our task is to prepare three gifts for my new students. You two are very important. Next week when I give them the gifts, I 'll mention that I had two fantastic assistants. Well, I am actually being lazy by having the boys do part of the work for me. 


The three-year-old Kai can't concentrate as much as his elder brother, but he finishes the work all the way, and I end up giving him a big brownie point. 


The list of students that made their way to my class is announced today. They certainly don't know there are already shiny gifts waiting for them. Why did my mom put so much love in me when she gave birth to me? 


We draw and chat at the same time. I say to Von: When you go to school, you have to tell your classmates that you have a "young and beautiful" aunt. He replies: Yes, and also an art teacher. I go on to clarify: No, an English teacher. So it doesn't make sense if we don't learn some English words. I count as a very high-class tutor don't I... 


Several friends asked me if I am doing well after coming back. I always gave the same answer: I am loved here... 


Look at Von's six-year-old handwriting. He draws "Thank you!" for thirty times. How idiosyncratic it is!


Patty said...

真的!充滿愛的高級家教!幸運的兩個小朋友,Lucky me :-)

Chinyi said...


Weichuen You said...

Patty: I am lucky to have you too!

Chinyi: 對啊,我們每天都笑笑鬧鬧的!