Friday, August 17, 2012

NO such thing / 沒有這回事



Part I

After I started working, I do not have so much free time at my disposal. But the less time I have, the more I want to draw. This morning I have to leave for work, so I got up early and had breakfast quickly just to draw the background of a pop-up card I'd like to try. I really enjoyed myself. It was not until I almost finished it that I realized I had drawn on the wrong side! Sigh...I hardly have carefully-made plans carried out in the exactly same ways as I'd like to.


It's alright. Tomorrow this mistake will become the boys' weekend surprise!



Part II

I was making the paper-cut dinosaurs until eleven p.m. on Friday night. Today the boys will have to look hard for them and count the number. There'll be a merry mess in the house today!

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