Tuesday, August 28, 2012

there is only love / 就抱著愛吧!


I've been reading The Happiness Project. The author Gretchen Rubin made a chart for twelve months, in each of which she had to tackle different subjects to improve herself and enhance the sense of happiness. In the second chapter on marriage, she mentioned a friend who had a difficult boss, but she convinced herself, "There is only love." Because of her mindset, she didn't complain.


Today I received a message from Wen Dee in London. She was listening to a talk given by Quentin Blake and Shaun Tan, surrounded by publishers. The short message elated me, though I no longer live in that world. During the past year, I drew because I wanted either to impress others or to win a book contract. Finally I can draw again simply because I feel happy. For me, I feel I have regained something I lost.


The starting point "there is only love" seems insignificant, but it is actually the biggest impetus behind all sorts of success!


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