Friday, August 03, 2012

summer love song / 小恐龍的夏日戀曲


Caterina said that there must be a corner in the world where dinosaurs still exist. Happy dinosaurs wear striped swimming suits sipping cool drinks by the pool. I think that kingdom is definitely much simpler than the one we dwell in. I don't want my life to be as dramatic as a novel. It is as simple and powerful as a picture book for every child and the child in every adult to understand right away.


Grace Tan said...


繪本總是單純直搗人心, 會心一笑, 每次讀味道都不同!

Chinyi said...


shangyu said...

呵呵...我們的小方今年夏天真的是隻泳池畔的快樂小恐龍 :)