Tuesday, March 06, 2012

sunset / 夕陽


I remember taking a similar picture of the sunset on my first day in Camberwell. After six months, life seems to go on as usual, but it took me such a long way to find myself again. Last week my classmate Vicky even said to me, "You don't seem to be as talkative and happy as before. Did the UK change you?" I was surprised by her keen observation. I replied, "I did undergo ups and downs in the process, but I am slowly getting back on my feet again."


This term it's like we're having an eternal break, but I make it a rule to go into the studio on Monday and Thursday because I was kind of claustrophobic in my room a while ago. Last term I always felt pressured when working in the studio, while now I enjoy drawing there with the same people who will appear on these days. Sometimes we have silly talks to amuse ourselves. I even anticipate going in on my way to school!


I go into the printmaking room on Tuesday and Friday. It's no exaggeration to say that I am an expert at screen-printing now. After I leave, I won't have access to the facilities, so I have to make very good use of them for now.


Though I am not going home until more than three months later, but after next week, there will only be one month of lessons left after a month of Easter break, which means my learning life is coming to an end soon. On one hand, I am glad because I can go home to be reunited with my beloved family. On the other hand, I have pulled myself together and draw happily again. My days here are numbered...


My British life hasn't got to the end, but I've thought of all the people I've met along the way to thank for teaching me so much. I am even glad that there are those who wait for me to go home...


Note: When I asked Von what he wants as a gift when I go home, he answered after thinking for a while: I just want you to come home asap...


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Patty said...

awww 小方實在是個成熟的孩子耶,好感人!

shangyu said...

很欣慰我們的小方知道妳對他的好,"妳的回來"對他而言,已是最好最棒最值得期待禮物,勝過其它. :)

我們有許多計畫(輕鬆的飯局,郊遊踏青,還有在我家純打滾的party :p)都在等妳的加入,等妳回來喔!

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