Friday, March 23, 2012

Bologna Book Fair 1 / 波隆納插畫展 1


Bologna has huge trade fair centers, quite like World Trade Center in Taipei. Wen Dee and I stayed in an apartment at the back of the center. Here is a morning shot of the place. 


The walls near the entrance are for illustrators to leave their post. We went in right after the exhibition opened on the first day. Illustrators from all over the world equipped with luggage put up their self-advertisements, trying with all their might to attract the publishers' attention. We were so ignorant that we didn't have any with us. Suddenly, we felt so small... 


Business cards and postcards were gone within minutes or even seconds. However, many illustrators had prepared refills. My fairy god mother Caterina is in the photo. She said that the walls are the most interesting in the whole exhibition. 


The book fair that lasts four days also includes all sorts of events and talks. This year the opening went to the exhibition of Portuguese picture books. 


I've always loved illustrations by Portuguese artists for their high and fine quality. On the second day when I was walking around in hall 30, I accidentally spotted my idol Ana Ventura. She is just like what I saw in her blog, very simple and beautiful. 


Collage and paper-cutting are commonly seen in illustrations. 


Page Tsou, a Taiwanese illustrator, won the international award in 2011, and this year, his works were exhibited in the fair. His picture book The Tin Soldier, based on the story by Anderson, was also published by the fair at the same time.  


In fact, Page's works have been selected three times in the book fair, which is really an amazing achievement. He graduated from Royal College of Arts, and I see great influence of London in his illustrations. 


He shared his working process with everyone. As Taiwanese, I took great pride in him. 


What follows is the selected works of this year. Caterina joked with me that this artist must be a teacher because he/she used only the red and blue pens. 


It is important to use creative media, but many works are actually very simple in visual design. 

Harriet Russell是已經有出版品的英國插畫家。

Harriet Russell is a British illustrator who already has published works. 

這是台灣插畫家Ali Su的作品。

These were by the Taiwanese illustrator Ali Su. 


See how well the illustrator draws... 


Over the past few years Korean illustrations have been quite impressive. Many Korean illustrators go for water and ink. 


Caterina has taught me much, especially which kinds of illustrations that appeal to children. 


The works by this Japanese illustrator are so simple and joyful.


The competition has two categories: fiction and non-fiction. 


It's nice to have some text as part of the images. 


Korean illustrators are bold in using colors. 


These are the works by the Korean illustrator who drew the cover of the annual this year. 


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