Wednesday, March 07, 2012

giddy with happiness / 瘋狂的一天


This morning in the printmaking room, Teresa came in in excitement showing me a new book on illustration she had bought yesterday. Though she spent around 30 quids, she was totally inspired. Right when we were about to begin working, the fire alarm went off. We were forced to evacuate. It was a pity that I left my camera at home or I could have taken a photo of the fire engines for my dear boys. I also forgot to take my coat with me from the printmaking room. Tatiana offered to go to Cafe No. 67 nearby for me to stay warm. Well, going into the cafe was the beginning of my financially insane day. Printmaking is a money-consuming thing. Apart from the emulsion on each screen that costs 6 pounds, I have to prepare paper as well. I am now working on a picture book I'll take with me to Bologna Book Fair next Sunday. I have to produce at least 10 to 20 copies, so I bought a book of paper in the uni shop. Then seeing Teresa print her image on tote bags, I couldn't resist the temptation. So I rushed back to the shop again. Well, if you are going to major in art, you have to be mentally prepared that it's inevitable to spend loads of money...


My storybook is not finished yet, but here is the tote bag. I'll post my story on the blog in a few days. Now it's the same set of people that go into the printmaking room. Since it costs a lot, we have the feeling that we are going bankrupt soon. Meanwhile, we are giddy with a kind of happiness that can't be described in words. Teresa asked, "When will you get your money's worth?" I said, "I'll go back to my job in August." She went on to say, "I'll never get it back." To encourage her, I replied, "I'll buy your works then." I love to be an artist, but to be honest, it's more important to have money. Call me mundane or worldly, but this is what my experience has taught me. I am going to make the most out of it while I can still lead an unworldly life for the time being...


Note: There was no fire. It was just a fire test...


shangyu said...

以前也常常遇到防火演習,甚至有一次還出現在半夜,那時宿舍的每個人都得出去站在外頭的草地上等待,大家看起來都頗狼狽的 :P


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把袋子放到Etsy Shop上吧!

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