Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NOT alone in London 2 / 有伴的倫敦 2


I have been watching stars alone lately. It occurred to me that after I leave, Jazel will be alone. I thus made a small gift for her to keep her company...


Wen Dee asked me what I'll miss after leaving London. Now the answers have kept surfacing up. I will miss the starry night of London, the evening walks, and Jazel's companionship.


Coincidentally, the same evening, James and Marcia invited me to go to "Starry Starry Night" directed by Tom Lin. I was greatly moved to see the scenery of my hometown. The movie was adapted from Jimmy's works, many of which I am not familiar with. And I got to see his story in London. Sometimes we just have to travel far to find the beautiful things that are by our side...


The film ends with Jimmy's illustrations, which greatly inspired me. The significance of my being here is to create beautiful stories and images. I have to remind myself of that whenever I feel doubt about my existence or my decision. Indeed, over the past two weeks, in order to prepare the booklets to bring to Bologna, I have become much more active than a while ago...

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