Monday, January 27, 2014

Agriculture Expo 2013, Yunlin / 雲林農博


Thanks to my work, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Agriculture Expo in Yunlin, which was what I most looked forward to on the whole trip.


   Whenever I show interest in agriculture, my friends and relatives will ask naively if I'd like to be a farmer. The truth is, I can't even keep a pot of plants alive. I know better than to live on farming. However, seeing the featured farmers in the expo, I couldn't help thinking that it's a rather cool profession. 


   In the "Presidential Hall of Farmers," I was introduced to many successful farmers in Yunlin. Their crops are now beautifully packaged and widely promoted with the help of the cultural and creative industry. Contrary to the past, nowadays farming is no longer out of fashion. Yet, behind all that glamour, I know being a farmer is by no means easy. 


   Another pavilion in the expo advocates the consumption of local in-season crops. After all, the further food travels, the more pollution it causes to the earth. 


   Yunlin is rich in a wide variety of prime agricultural products. Corns and peanuts are both major crops. 


   Meanwhile, Yunlin ranks top in Taiwan when it comes to the number of livestocks. I ended up spending much time in the Happy Farm. Though my focus is plants, I just couldn't take my eyes off the lovely animals in the farm! 


   However, instead of concentrating on the features of the expo, I focused on the trees on the roadsides. Upon arriving in Yunlin, I noticed numerous rows of Chinaberry trees. The name of the tree in mandarin sounds the same as the word "poor" in Taiwanese. This coincides with the stereotype that Yunlin is one of the poorest counties on the island. 


   Obsessed with trees, my favorite pavilion is the Carbon-gathering Woods. Here, visitors get to know the advantages and importance of growing trees.


Visitors are also invited to grow trees. My seed will become a tall Common Garcinia tree in a few decades. 


After the expo, these trees will keep growing, and maybe I'll be greeted by an amazing forest when I come next time! 

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