Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Seachien Village, Yunlin / 雲林溪墘村小旅行


I spare some moments to sneak out of He-an Elementary School and take a 30-minute trip in Seachien Village in Yunlin while my students are preparing for the winter camp. 


   I am surrounded by either farm fiends or grasslands. But because of the different patterns, they create various visual effects in my eye.


   I muster up the courage after having observing the farmer working in the field for a whole day to ask him what his crops are. It turns out that he's picking peanuts by hand. 


   There aren't many people to be seen on the roads. I quite enjoy the leisurely pace of the place. 


   I am amazed by the wide variety of flora along the way. 


   I am so lucky to be accompanied by the lovely birds on my journey. 

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