Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Coward / 膽小鬼


My sketchbook in the herbarium can't be more simple. There are no idiosyncratic drawings at all. Instead, I tried to record the growth of three seeds objectively. And as my job item had changed, this task came to an end. One day, a staff member asked me about the sketches inside. It wasn't until then that I realized that she read it as a real book, which greatly touched me. So I couldn't help wondering, what if she receives a card solely for her? 


   The other day I observed Guei-mei, another staff member open an email from Japan with an attached electronic card, with so much love. I couldn't help thinking, what if she gets a real card? 


   But I was such a coward when I gave away the cards. So afraid to know everyone's reaction, I placed them under Guei-mei's care and left before they figured out what I was up to. Maybe there are times when I don't have the guts to face my own feelings....

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