Friday, January 31, 2014

Handdrawn Seachien Village / 手繪溪墘村


I say, I need to sketch a place to really know it. 


I took many photos this winter in Seachien Village. However, to build the memories of a place into my head, I have to sit down for one or two hours to sketch. What really excited me was, I drew some sketches of the same place last year, and I was looking forward to what I would produce this year. 


   The weather was deceptively sunny, but the cold wind raged as I sat on the embankment drawing. As I had tried sketching on freezing days in Europe, the last thing I wanted to do was to walk away without having finished any image. 


   If I hadn't drawn the sketch, I wouldn't have gone up to the farmer and asked him about his crops. In fact, I had walked past him cooly right after having taken photos earlier that day. 


   I waved goodbye to him when he was about to ride his scooter home after our chat. 


   I could never resist the charm of these red-brick houses whenever I came. I did the sketches in the evening last year as well. This time a lady who came out to dump garbage spotted me. She asked if I was killing time. I said no. I came to draw the houses on purpose because I found them so beautiful. 


   When I came last year, I felt a great force in me, which I directed to drawing. However, this year I was in a very poised state of mind. Without the fire, I knew the drawings aren't that powerful. 


   On the last day before we left, I went to the same spot behind the cafeteria of He-an Elementary School. I drew right there last year, and I'd like to see what my picture this year would look like. Last year my student Croc emerged out of nowhere and spent a few minutes with me while I was sketching. Interestingly, this year I had new companions. The two kids living in the house on the left side of the image came to greet me. I thus realized, we will always run into new people. There are new sparks for every moment. In my world, there isn't "the best moment" for every moment has its beauty. 

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