Monday, January 06, 2014

Insight / 洞察力


My basil gave me a really pleasant surprise at the beginning of the new year. After five months, it has bloomed. 


   Since last summer, plants have played a key role in my life. Now I have a new task in the herbarium. I am the guide in the new exhibit room on the weekend shift. Well, not that I have suddenly turned pro. It's just that I think I'll learn faster through doing the job. However, when I did the internship under the guide of the staff, I, who hardly feel jealous in my life, can't help wishing that I could see through all that superficial complexity. This also reminds me of one of the leading figures I was reading about a few days ago, Bunzo Hayata, the father of Taiwanese botany. He was inspired to be a botanist at a young age by his strong desire to learn about death and life. 


   I don't have the insight now, but fortunately I am well-motivated. I think my new year will be full of light because I want to learn so much. 


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