Tuesday, January 28, 2014

He-an Elementary School, Yunlin / 雲林縣和安國小


It doesn't count as romantic for me to stay overnight in a school. Yet, on my second visit to He-an Elementary School for service learning with my students, I got to see many images I had failed to last time, such as the wonderful view that greeted me first thing in the morning. 


   The boys playing in the mist in the early morning form such a poetic rural image.  


   The Flaming Trumpet flowers bloom with vibes anytime. 


   The quirky clock that always stays at 12:45 gives me the impression that I am actually transported into a lovely fairy tale. 


   The playground equipment next to the cafeteria is the fav of all kids, big and small. 


   Every morning when I walk to the playground after waking up, I have the urge to shout: Good morning He-an! 

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