Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Camberwell memory 5 / 坎貝爾回憶 5


Since my Camberwell sunshine disappeared in late January, it has been Mr. Black Hat that works in the ticket booth. At first he told me Mr. Sunshine was away on holidays, it was not until later that I realized what Mr. Black Hat meant by that was that Mr. Sunshine won't come back. I used to live and work in a highly stable environment, but after coming here, I have seen too many people come and go. He might smile and kiss goodbye to me one day and vanish the following day.


To my horror, no matter how much I want to deny, I've been learning one thing as I age: Each of us can be replaced. At first Mr. Black Hat crouched behind the counter, but as time passed by, he showed quite a distinctive style. Rain or shine, he always wears a black hat and sun glasses, leaning against the booth in an idiosyncratic manner. It was hard for me not to remember it.


Though I am no more than a passer-by in his life, I can't help drawing him. I just prefer to bid official farewell rather than go away silently...


PS: I've been cleaning my room since this morning. I am too exhausted to get my memory numbers right. Well, I'm leaving for Heathrow Airport to pick up a VIP in an hour, so I'd say, "Let it be..."

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