Saturday, May 26, 2012

In Love in Summery London / 戀夏倫敦


The second appointment on my farewell agenda took place in Brixton, which is very close to Camberwell. I met up James and Marcia for the last time.


It isn't easy for me to find people that are on my wavelength in London. I am glad to have run into Marcia. She gave me Uncle Quentin's book as a farewell gift. 


On our way to the underground station, we witnessed the humor of a British shop owner, though that doesn't happen often. 


Before turning to go, I joked with the two mature friends saying, "Be nice to each other." 


We passed through Myatt's Fields Park witnessing the biggest sunbathing crowd I'd have ever seen in the park. I was told that summer in London is short lasting about 3 weeks. I am happy to experience such beauty, and also a blossoming relationship...

傍晚要去第三個告別行程,和Damien Hirst的作品見面‧‧‧

I will run for the third appointment on the agenda in the evening, which is meeting up Damien Hirst's works...


Marcia said...

Keep in touch and take care :)

Weichuen You said...

Thank you for everything as well! 很高興認識你!要來台灣找我喔!

Shorty修替他娘 said...

回家之前的美好回憶 ^^