Saturday, May 26, 2012

No. 67 Cafe / 六十七號咖啡館


I had given my ten-minute presentation. I treated it more as a ritual for myself to wrap up the year than an obligatory assignment. I had said goodbye to the tutors and a small number of classmates. This week summer took us by surprise. After school, the British students gathered in front of the pub while we, a few Asians, hid inside the Turkish restaurant feasting on kebab.


The first appointment on my farewell agenda was with Sul, my ex-neighbor, in No. 67 Cafe next to Camberwell. We'd been talking about having a  get-together. It happened only right before my departure. On the up side, it wasn't so sentimental. Instead, I felt down-to-earth joy, knowing maybe this was just another beginning.


London at this moment is paradisiac. I, with great luck, lost some weight. I am in a mood as cheery as when I first came. The only difference is that I am not so attached to everything here that I can't let go. What I would like to do most is go home, sit down, and concentrate on drawing.


I still have a super huge goal ahead of me. No. 67 Cafe is just a stop on my way there...

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