Saturday, June 04, 2011

Our Commencement / 我們的畢業典禮

不說graduation ceremony,而選了commencement,因為對我們每一個人來說,即將面對的是新的開始,這麼想反而沒有時間傷感。

Instead of going for the term graduation ceremony, I chose commencement. For every one of us, what immediately comes our way is a brand-new start. With this mindset, I realize that there is really no time left for feeling sentimental.


I want to thank every girl for your thoughtfulness and every parent for your good will. I will constantly look back and move ahead trying to do my best. In the end, I cannot let you go without telling you that I thank God for our encounter.


I have to say goodbye to my dear locker for the time being as well, but when I come back, I promise that it will take on a totally different style.


shaggy said...


Anonymous said...



喬西女王 Josie's wonderful world said...

~Miss You~ 加油喔~

Weichuen You said...

shaggy: 也謝謝妳的體貼!

prince: I love you too, so stop worrying about this and that!

Josie: Thank you!

Anonymous said...

oh i wish i can stop doing so...

sometimes i don't know when i should worry and when i should not


Weichuen You said...

Talk to me then!