Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Draw! / 畫畫吧!


I went to the hospital to have my weak left knee re-examined. The doctor said that the bones are genetically predisposed to being easily injured, so not only the knee but also the ankle, the hip joints as well as my right leg will suffer from pain in the days to come. I asked if there is any treatment available. He answered listlessly that wearing specially-made insoles will work wonders. Then he passed a name card with specific information about whom to contact. I tilted my head staring at him with doubt and wondering, are there such magical shoe pads?


While waiting for my turn to get the prescriptions, I indulged myself in wild imagination of the worst case scenarios. But the beautiful skull of a certain patient rows ahead reminded me to draw as a sedative. Everything could wait until my flying back from the world without pain and worry.


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