Saturday, December 10, 2016

Orangutans keep me company / 紅毛猩猩陪我


Mucha Zoo has recently held a 30-Must-See sketch contest to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary, which gives me a fantastic opportunity since I long to sketch so much! When I arrive at the zoo, I have less than two hours left. I choose the orangutans' enclosure, which is very close to the entrance. I am not in a very good condition for sketching, but I am determined to have the painting done by hook or by crook! 


     I always hurry from one enclosure to another when visiting the zoo. This time, I am lucky to have to spend a long period of time at the same spot. I observe not only the orangutans but also the visitors. The orangutans hardly stop moving, so it takes patience to draw their portraits. The visitors move as much as the orangutans. Usually they'll give curt greetings like, "Hey, orangutans!" and leave within one minute. I wonder if the orangutans also greet them, "Hey, people!" Or maybe they don't bother at all. 


     Sometimes there are just the orangutans and me. It's so quiet around us that I can be fooled by the illusion that we are in the woods. 


     I would say that the kids keep me company for a while instead of the other way round. Being with them is surprisingly healing. Unfortunately, I don't even know their names. On my next visit, we have to formally introduce ourselves! 

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