Saturday, December 24, 2016

Headache / 頭痛


"Headache" is my word of the year. Though the doctor confirmed that it should be attributed to the hereditary factor, I sometimes can't help wondering if I have imposed too much pressure on myself. 


     Before seeing 2016 off, I suffered from another headache. The beats of the drummer intensified with time passing. The thunderous music screamed, "Forget all about your obsessions with the insignificant trifles. Focus on us!" 


     The next day after the drummers left, I softened from head to toe, feeling acutely the joy of living without physical pain. I couldn't afford to give thought to what had been bothering me anymore. And surprisingly, the first thing I did when arriving at the office was doodling. 


     How nice that I have finally figured out the meaning of a headache before the year ends. 

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