Sunday, December 25, 2016

Greek moon / 希臘的月亮


Since this past fall, I've been catching up with some girls that graduated a few years ago. Through sharing the past few years together, I feel greatly soothed. This enables me to jump outside my small box and swim in many possibilities of life. 


     As we walk out of the Greek restaurant on a Saturday evening, the cool and fresh winter air greets us. Zi-rong points at the fat and yellow moon, under which hang some twinkling stars. On our way to the bus station, I go on with my murmur of unimportant worries. When it's time to say goodbye, Zi-rong reminds me with a smile, "You should live in the present."  


     Though I have not got to witness the Greek moon in person, I can imagine that it's blue and yellow, cool and warm like what the girls tell me! 

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