Monday, November 26, 2012

i am not crying / 我沒有在哭


Last week I received a letter from World Vision. It was not until then that I realized I am actually sponsoring a little boy Abassi from Niger instead of Mphande from Malawi, whom I'd sponsored for several years. It was quite unexpected for me because right before I left for the UK, Mphande wished me a long life so that I could offer him help for an extended period. I called up the organization and one lady explained that Mphande and his family had moved out of the sponsored area. She said maybe his family had become better off financially. 


During my MRT ride today, I heard a little boy saying to his grandma, "Somehow my eyes are shedding tears, but I am not crying." The beauty and innocence of his words were so priceless. 


I have a sudden urge to look up the map of Africa. Niger is in the west of Africa, in fact, kind of close to the centre. Malawi is rather small, tucked between some countries in the southeast. Is it raining in the boys' eyes too?

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