Thursday, November 22, 2012

Brown rice / 糙米飯


I have been addicted to the Japanese comic series--Shinya Shokudo about a restaurant that is open from midnight to 7 a.m. The cook prepares all kinds of food, as long as you name it for his late-night customers. Though the food described in the comics are very tempting, for me, it's the stories behind every dish that tug at my heartstrings. Reading the books on rainy days has a strong healing effect.


Influenced by the comics, I felt like drawing sketches of food after work today. I stared at a box of cooked brown rice on the table and started to draw it grain by grain. As I observed the difference and position of every grain, I gradually calmed down. In the end, my whole being was filled with peaceful joy. 


Though I've been trying to look at the world from a scientist's perspective, but I can't help thinking, food has life too and it interacts with people in its peculiar ways. 


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Pam: How are you? Send me your address to my email box and I'll send you greetings here!

A-mei: 我今天把深夜食堂的內容畫進生字學習單了,哎,我真是越來越有競爭力的教師啦!