Saturday, November 17, 2012

Draw a line / 劃一條線


After the previous episode of scribbling on my Macbook a few months ago, Kai couldn't control his urge to doodle on my drawing again. We had to resort to the punishment that really works for him: Draw a line. He can't come to our place to play with us. At first it was supposed to last for two days, but Kai's youngest aunt Tsung insisted that I treat the boys too well. I thus forbade Kai to come for a week.


From that day on, Kai could only smile and wave at us at the door to their apartment. On the second evening I couldn't help walking over to check on him. Seeing him alone, I asked, "Are you lonely?" He replied, "I am." When Tsung heard us talk, she came over saying to me, "You should leave him alone!" I then quickly ran away.


To be honest, adults don't always enjoy punishing children. I also felt kind of lonely. That thin line, for me, is as thick as a wall. I even had to give my love to a chubby boy I met that day in the elevator.


Three days later, Mom held Kai in her arms and brought him over, saying, "See, you do not cross the line at all!" Meanwhile, we, who'd like to be persistent, asked in confusion, "Has it been a week?"


There are so many adults with so many rules of their own. No wonder children are always quick to see through us and have their ways. It's a bumpy road to put my recent motto into practice: Those who are consistent in what they do will eventually win respect.

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