Sunday, August 09, 2015

Norwegian woods / 挪威的森林

在北歐的日子裡,我每天早起,於是有些屬於自己的空檔,可以到處去探險。在里耳哈默的早晨,從Radisson Blu旅館往旁邊走,居然有座森林,我們在旅程中經過無數個森林,從來沒有機會下車去散步,今天真是我的日子啊!

I am in the habit of getting up earlier than the others during the trip, and that gives me two to three hours of free time every day. Thus, I set off on my own adventures to places that are not included in the itineraries. In the morning in Lillehammer, I accidentally walk into a forest adjacent to Radisson Blu Hotel. We have driven past by numerous woods on our trip, but we are always in a hurry to visit a certain renowned tourist spot. Today is really my day in that I'm blessed with such good luck to actually "walk" in Norwegian woods! 


     I know nothing about plants in the temperate zone. However, that doesn't blind me from their beauty. 


     I do not encounter any other fellow walker, but I am not alone. Instead, I am accompanied by birds' chirping and rivers' burbling. Oh, and my own humming sounds. The walk is so pleasant that I can't help but stroll forward. 


     There are many secrets in the woods, but as long as I pay attention, they are so willing to be looked at. On my last day in Norway, I find a book featured in every major bookstore now: The Social Guidebook to Norway by Julien S. Bourrelle. He shares what he has learned about Norwegians. "Do not be surprised if your colleagues leave without saying goodbye in the afternoon. They do not intend to be rude. They are in fact very polite, Norwegian polite. You leave space both physically and psychologically." I've also learned in a recent survey that people in Trondheim, Norway, scored the highest in terms of good will index. In the woods I find much resemblance between plants and Norwegians. 


     Whose house is it? 


     Faced with the two paths, I think of Frost's poem: 
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference." 


     Along the way, there are various sorts of scenery, including the meadow and gushing streams. 


     So this turns out to be a jogging path. How lovely it must be to jog in Norwegian woods! 


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