Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oslo 2 / 奧斯陸 2




It's located at one end of Karl Jogans Gate, built in the first half of the 19th century for King Charles III. 
The architectural style is neoclassical. 


On its left side is a vast stretch of lush woods. In summer, the view is especially lovely. 



National theater: 

Keep walking forth, and you'll see thee national theater along the way. One of the statues in front of it is Ibsen. 



Oslo City Hall: 

Take a right turn when seeing the national theater. Go straight, and the city hall is further down the road. The construction started in 1931, but it was paused by the outbreak of the Second World War before the inauguration in 1950. Every year on December 10, the award ceremony of Nobel Peace Prize will be held here, as Nobel wished. The other Nobel prizes are awarded in Stockholm, though. 


The outward appearance of the city hall is highly artistic too. 


The murals are more than amazing. 


Though the artworks are meant to tell the history of the nation, I still can't deny they're beautiful to look at!



Nobel Peace Center: 

Go straight down to the harbor. The Nobel Peace Prize Center, which showcases exhibitions related to the Nobel Peace Prize, is nearby. 


Norwegians that walk their dogs on a chilly summer morning. I don't know whether it's the weather, but the urban Norwegians do not feel so friendly as the suburban ones. 


Time to go back to Karl Johans Gate. There are mobile lavatories which accept credit cards in the park along the way. 


And the red balloon that can't fly. 


I sneaked to a bookstore. It's cozy to read on the sofa. Books in Norway are pricey. I spent more than 2,000 NTD buying two books. 


Blonde ladies enjoy their summer evenings in  front of Stortinget. 

Grand 飯店:

建於1874年,一樓是Grand 咖啡館。

Grand Hotel: 

Built in 1874. On the first floor is the renowned Grand Cafe. 


The cafe oozes artistic aura, the kind that only the rich can afford. It is said that Ibsen used to lunch here with his artist friends. During our stay, we saw mostly middled-aged or elderly guests. We had all-you-can-eat sandwich buffet. However, it was a unique experience to eat cold colorful sandwiches on a cold rainy day though they were piled high with salads, seafood, and beef. Not quite yummy, but I'd do anything now to buy that experience. 


I'll have to wait for another year to take such a photo! 

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