Sunday, June 01, 2014

Stone Soup study club 8 / 石頭湯讀書會之八


In the eighth lesson of the Stone Soup study club, the speaker is Mr. Chiu, a heavyweight editor for children's literature in Taiwan. However, he didn't go for an MA degree in children's literature until he was 56, which really inspired me. I've learned that as long as I am determined to do something, age is really not a problem. 


   Today we focus on the development of children's literature in Taiwan. I've thus written down a long list of books to read. One of the most inspiring writers is Mr. Cheng Zhong-hsien, a very popular teenage writer. He published seventeen books within a year last year. More amazingly, he's not a full-time writer. Instead, he has to juggle between being an elementary school teacher and a writer. I can't help wondering if I've really explored all my potential. 


Mr. Chiu gives several useful pieces of advice: 
1. If you'd like to make a name for yourself in the world of children's literature, you should try everything. For example, don't just write a certain genre of books. 
2. Don't miss any contest! 
3. We need works written by Taiwanese authors instead of translated books. 
4. The market of works written in dialects is full of potential. 

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