Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stone Soup study club 13 / 石頭湯讀書會之十三


Today the guest speaker is Ms. Hung, who is experienced in hosting book club discussions. She is here to share with us the main concepts and afterthought on reading with both adults and children. 


   Most of Ms. Hung's reading partners are mothers, for whom book clubs provide a stage for self-expression. Through the connection of books, Ms. Hung has organized numerous activities and seen endless possibilities. 


   Besides, Ms. Hung also mentions various forms of reading. Aside from reading the text, now it's a trend to read images and read with the body. The latter is mainly about presenting the content of a book through physical interpretation. For example, the story of a picture book can be shown in the form of a play. 


    Ms. Hung has some insightful perspectives on reading: 
1. Children nowadays are encouraged to "read" their neighborhood and the environment where they live. 
2. When reading, try not to be too picky. Read as many genres as possible. 
3. When reading with children, remember to leave room for children to imagine without "saying" too much. 

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