Sunday, June 01, 2014

Stone Soup study club 7 / 石頭湯讀書會之七


The authors or illustrators I've run into in the Stone Soup study club all share one thing in common: Everyone goes for their dreams with their full hearts. Though there  might be ups and downs along the way, they never give up their dreams. Though Mr. Chao-y Chen, a well-known Taiwanese teenage novel writer, has published many books, he's just like a next-door neighbor, never hesitating to share his life stories. He even treated us to home-made tea-stewed eggs prepared by his wife. I certainly felt his touching sincerity. 


   It has been one and half months ago since I went to Mr. Chen's talk, so I'd like to excerpt some helpful quotes: 
1. Reading analyses of literary works can help us to see and say the beauty of a piece of work. 
2. Read as much as possible. It's especially helpful to read The Mandarin Kids, a newspaper written for children in Taiwan. 
3. Mr. Chen said he used to be a lonely child and that he often daydreamed, which I believe is rather beneficial in writing. 
4. There should be an amazing climax in a piece of writing. 
5. Mr. Chen said, "I am not talented, but writing is one of the things I am good at." 
6. Writing in different styles and participating in contests can bring more opportunities. 
7. It's essential to form a personal writing style. 

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