Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Give me a story / 送我一個故事


Today is Von's seven-year-old birthday. I am totally at my wits' end when it comes to his birthday gift, so I offer to write him a picture book. He is quite pleased with the idea, especially if there are dinosaurs or Transformers in it. A few weeks ago he saw me working in the study one morning, so he dropped by gleefully, asking, "What are you up to?" Sensing his hint, I took out the dummy immediately, and a smile broke across his face. "I knew it!" He uttered. 


   Thanks to Beilin, I was asked to be a judge in a drawing competition for school children. When we went over the pictures of young kids, whether the works are excellent, they shine with the innocence of childhood. It totally makes sense to me if the drawings are not of good quality. However, as we moved to the images of children aged between 8-12, I realized that life has many challenges in store for those who really want to do well in art: For one thing, they have to better their drawing techniques. What's more, there has to be sincere emotion to convince the viewer. Hard as it is, I can envision the beautiful souls that lie behind the best drawings. 


   My birthday best wish for Von: I hope your glow won't fade as you age! 

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