Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New interest / 新興趣


Many people are surprised that I went only as far as the central Taiwan this summer. I have not traveled far physically, but mentally I have gone further than the previous years. For one thing, I signed up for the volunteer program held by the NTU museums. Though I don't even know the ABC's of plants, I am thankful to the herbarium for giving me a chance. And it strikes me again that as long as I desire to learn something, the whole universe is united to give me a hand. This summer, whatever I do, it is related to natural plants. 


   I fell in love with the elegant Japanese cedar when I was traveling in Wuling Farm. Last week I received another letter from my best friend Chi. She wrote that we had been broad, but it was a shame that we had never taken a trip within Taiwan together. We should go somewhere together with her boy.  Upon reading her words, I couldn't help imagining how beautiful it would be for us three to walk under the cool shades of Japanese cedar. 


   In fact, I'd always had a thing for plants, but the problem was, I couldn't bear their names in mind. Amazingly, the ecology teacher I had met two weeks ago in the Youth Park enlightened me. Now when I pass by trees, I will pause to observe them and try to remember them. I am very lucky to have run into someone so magical as that. 


   I love the aerial roots of banyan trees. They take the world into their embraces. 


   There's something else bigger I think of as the guideline of my life now: The answers to all our problems lie in nature. Better yet, I don't have to go all the way out of town. There are clues in something as small as a flower. 


   Now I won't forget to say hello to hibiscus. 


   One night while I was taking a walk in Da-an Park, I was attracted by the beautiful leaf shape of the fiddle-leaf fig. The tree thus becomes very different from the others for me. It also gives a poetic touch to my night....

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