Thursday, August 29, 2013

Boundless / 沒有界線


Soon after I met the yellow waterlily, I came across an article about it in the High Speed Rail magazine on one trip. It was not until then that I learned the flower was once on the verge of extinction. It dawned on me that there are so many forms of life on earth, but I have no idea of their existence. They rise and fall at their own paces, having nothing to do with my life at all. However, if I am given just one chance to know it, I am sure I won't miss it when seeing it afterwards. I used to believe that is called coincidence; yet now I think it's because everything, every being and every story in this world is inter-connected.


   Before turning 37, I decide that I don't want to miss any life right next to me or in front of me. Therefore, about ten days ago, on a postcard sent to Shaggy, I came up with an idea: I am going to draw a plant/an animal on a daily postcard. In one year, we'll put 365 postcards in a small suitcase, sending it to anyone who's interested in the private exhibition.


   Shaggy, who's taking courses on Taiwanese culture, responds to me as shown above. Her mail will be part of our traveling exhibition too. 


   As Virgos, we are both attached to the old people and in desperate need of a sense of security, but we are learning to live otherwise. From now on, our life is going to be boundless....

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