Monday, August 19, 2013

Encountering my self / 遇見自己


I traveled across several cities to visit Shaggy. Standing in front of the wall of her room, I made an effort to recognize my hand-drawn postcards. However, I've always changed at such a fast pace that it took me some time to find my past self. 


   Upon seeing this postcard, I was overwhelmed with a sense of familiarity, but the words told me that it didn't have anything to do with me. Then Shaggy uttered: It IS your postcard. I got it. The postman added the final touch and thus prepared a huge surprise for me more than one year after the mail was sent. It was amazing to be reminded of Giant's Causeway while I was physically so far away from it. 




   I thumbed through a book written by the Japanese author Aoki Yuka taken from Shaggy's shelf. A quote really impressed me: 

   I kind of regret learning too much, but high art is too difficult for me. I only feel like making art that can represent me. I didn't have to think about complicated things when I was little. All I did was draw happily. I hope to share my works with people instead of caring if it is defined as art. Just like in my childhood, people were pleased to see me draw and collect my drawings for me. It's enough if my works can touch others. 

   It will be enough to make something out of nothing and then kind of move people. If drawing can do that for me, it is more than enough. 


   Whenever I encounter my past self, I also feel kind of touched....


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沒問題!應該收的到!你的可能是我在206 Grace Garden住了五年的地址的最後一張明信片, what a perfect ending!

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